8th International Conference on the 
Evolution of Language


The 8th International conference on the Evolution of Language (Evolang8) was held 14-17 April 2010. The conference was hosted by the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS (UiL OTS) of Utrecht University, and coorganized by researchers from the Universities of Utrecht, Stellenbosch and Amsterdam.

The original webpages for the conference are still available; click on 'home' in the menu on the left to find it. Information on future editions of the Evolang conferences will be available on this or this site.

Evolang8 was covered in several national and international media.

  • Science Magazine Animal Communication Helps Reveal Roots of Language - by Michael Balter. Features much of the work on primate and bird communication presented at the conference, in a long article and a podcast.
  • Babel's Dawn, a blog on the evolution of language
  • Trouw (a Dutch daily newspaper), TheorieŽn over taal ontkracht (interview with Jelle Zuidema)
  • Intermediair (a Dutch weekly), De kletsende mens (interview with Bart de Boer and Morten Christiansen)
  • Radio 1 (the Dutch public newsradio), Hoe leerde de mens praten? (interview with Bart de Boer)