Logic for INTeraction


2-3 April 2011: Oxford LINT Workshop, Oxford, UK

8-12 August 2011: Workshop on Logical Constants at ESSLLI 2011, Ljbuljana, Slovenia


The first workshop of the DepLog group of LINT, organized by the LogCon and Deplog groups, will take place in the seminar room (room D700 of the D building, just opposite the library) of the Philosophy Department of Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden, on November 7-8 2009.

This workshop aims to provide an opportunity to discuss and further develop the current research directions on the topic of Dependence Logic, Dependence Friendly Logic, and Independence Friendly Logic, such as the investigation of their proof- and model-theoretic properties, their extensions and their relations to each other and to other formalisms.

On Saturday, two talks of one hour and two short talks of thirty minutes will be held; on Sunday, instead, there will be a one-hour long talk and two short talks of thirty minutes.
At the moment, the preliminary list of speakers contains: Dietmar Berwanger, Pietro Galliani, Jouko Väänänen, Jarmo Kontinen, Fan Yang, Kerkko Luosto and Menachem Magidor.

The Sunday lunch will be held at Skafferiet (located in the park Stora Skuggan, near to the workshop site) ; as for the Saturday lunch, people should make their own arrangements.

The workshop organizers are Jouko Väänänen and Dag Westerståhl. If you intend to come to the workshop, please send Jouko a message, preferably no later than November 1.

Some possible choices for accomodation in Stockholm are Hotel August Strindberg, Hotel Tegnérlunden or Hotel Örnsköld.


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Saturday Nov 7 Sunday Nov 8
09:00 Coherence and complexity in Dependence Logic (Kontinen, Jarmo)
09:30 Winning sets under homomorphisms (Luosto)
10:00 Coffee
10:30 Intuitionistic Dependence Logic (Yang)
11:00 Discussion
12:00 Lunch at Skafferiet (Stora Skuggan)
13:00 What is Dependence Logic? (Väänänen)
14:00 Lottery semantics for Probabilistic Dependence Logic (Galliani/Mann)
15:00 Coffee
15:30 Non-monotonic reasoning (Magidor)
16:00 Imperfect information games (Berwanger)
17:00 Steering committee meeting
19:00 Dinner
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