Michel Croce and Tommaso Piazza

Epistemic Vices and Responsibility in Fake News Consumption

Extant remedies to the proliferation of fake news range from promoting reform of individual epistemic conduct to implementing systemic interventions. Remedies at the individual level are appropriate only if fake news consumers can be legitimately expected to reform their conduct, and they can be legitimately expected to reform their conduct only if they can be blamed for it. This paper aims at addressing whether social media users are to be blamed for consuming fake news. The current debate in the epistemology of fake news seems to elicit the following diagnosis, namely that the social media users are epistemically blameworthy for believing in fake news in ordinary information environments, but less and less so when they are in malign environments such as epistemic bubbles and echo chambers. This paper purports to undermine this diagnosis by showing that the epistemic conduct of fake news consumers may well be worthy of epistemic blame in malign environments too.} \comments{Corine Besson (London) and Brice Bantegnie (Praha)

Presented at the Fifth PLM Workshop on Delusion in Language and Mind, in Amsterdam, October 23---24, 2020