Work in progress

Nick Bezhanishvili, Gianluca Grilletti, and Davide Emilio Quadrellaro. Submitted for publication, April 2020.

Alexandre Cremers, Liz Coppock, Jakub Dotlacil, and Floris Roelofsen. Revised version, submitted March 2019 (first version submitted November 2017).

Canonical and non canonical questions
Donka Farkas. Manuscript, UCSC/Princeton, February 2020.

Completeness for the Classical Antecedent Fragment of Inquisitive First-Order Logic
Gianluca Grilletti. Submitted for publication, June 2019.

Floris Roelofsen, presented at the Inquisitive Semantics Seminar, 8 December 2017, Amsterdam.

Floris Roelofsen, presented at:
- XPrag workshop on Questions, Answers, and Negation in Berlin, January 2016.
- ROSE linguistics seminar, Utrecht, June 2016.
- Göttingen linguistics seminar, June 2016 (handout)

Floris Roelofsen, presented at Situations, Information, and Semantic Content, December 2016.

Floris Roelofsen. Colloquium at the NYU Linguistics Department, November 2018.