InqBnB 1
Inquisitiveness Below and Beyond the Sentence Boundary

This workshop brings together researchers working on inquisitive semantics and closely related topics, with a particular emphasis on the role of inquisitiveness:

Below the sentence boundary:
    - Which operators (connectives, quantifiers, modals, conditionals) generate inquisitiveness?
    - How do these operators project the inquisitive content of their arguments?
    - How does inquisitive content interact with informative content in compositional semantics?

Beyond the sentence boundary:
    - How do conventions of use interact with inquisitive content?
    - In which ways is pragmatics sensitive to inquisitive content?
    - What kind of discourse anaphora are licensed by inquisitive expressions?

The workshop is hosted by the inquisitive semantics group at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) in Amsterdam.

Dates: June 26-30, 2017
Venue: Broekerhuis
Address: Leeteinde 16, 1151 AK, Broek in Waterland

Invited speakers
Justin Bledin (Johns Hopkins)
Cleo Condoravdi (Stanford)
Liz Coppock (Gothenburg)
Regine Eckardt (Konstanz)
Donka Farkas (Santa Cruz)
Gisela Grohne (Konstanz)
Peter Hawke (Amsterdam)
Kyle Rawlins (Johns Hopkins)
Paolo Santorio (Leeds)
Shane Steinert-Threlkeld (Amsterdam)
Yasutada Sudo (London)
Malte Willer (Chicago)

Local speakers and commentators
Maria Aloni
Ivano Ciardelli
Alexandre Cremers
Jakub Dotlacil
Jeroen Groenendijk
Floris Roelofsen
Nadine Theiler
Thom van Gessel

Floris Roelofsen

Map of workshop venue and accommodations

Getting there
From Schiphol Airport, first take a train to Amsterdam Central Station (CS). Due to planned maintenance there will be fewer trains than usual, but still this should take less than 30 minutes.

From CS take bus 312, 314, 315, or 316, which leave behind the station (the river side). These busses leave very frequently and the trip takes about 15 minutes.

Get off at "Broek in Waterland, Dorp" (except for Cleo, she gets of at "Broek in Waterland, Kruisweg"). You have to push a red button in the bus to make sure the driver stops at the next stop.

From the bus stop, all accommodations are within walking distance. For more precise directions and schedules, follow this link and adjust your departure time.

Public transportation tickets
There is a ticket system for all public transportation (including both trains and buses) in the Netherlands called OV-chipkaart. It costs €7,50 plus whatever you want to put on it. The trip from Schiphol costs about €7, and when you want to visit Amsterdam during the week it costs about €3 each way. 

You can buy an OV-chipkaart at the NS Rail ticket desk at Schiphol. Don’t forget to always check in and check out when taking the train or the bus! If you forget your deposit will be gone. At Schiphol, you can check in and out at the yellow poles at the top of the escalators, at CS in the hallway downstairs, and on the bus with the driver or when getting off at the backdoor.

Scientific programme
The first four days of the workshop there will be talks by invited speakers as well as local participants. Each talk will be followed by comments from another workshop participants. Invited speakers will generally comment on talks by local speakers, and vice versa. Click on the image below to see the scientific programme in detail (this is a preliminary version, changes may still be made).

Social programme
Both on Monday and on Wednesday there will be dinner for all workshop participants at the Broekerhuis (the workshop venue).

On Friday, the last day of the workshop, there will be a boat trip through the countryside, with a high tea in a scenic tea house. The boats leave at 9.30 from Logement Waterland (click to see map) and we'll be back around 15.00.

We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO, VIDI Grant) and the European Research Council (ERC, Starting Grant SH:680220).