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About the project

There is no need to emphasize how important modal logic is to many areas, such as philosophy, computer science and cognition sciences, etc. Just check the recent Handbook of Modal Logic to see its broad modern sweep. Professor Johan van Benthem started his research in the 1970s with a Ph.D. thesis on modal correspondence theory, and the general model theory of modal logic. Ever since that time, he has worked with a 'tandem approach' developing modal languages and classical ones (first-order, or higher-order) side by side. He has used these formalisms to study temporal and spatial reasoning, but in particular, since the 'Dynamic Turn' in the 1980s, he has worked on developing new modal and dynamic theories of information and computation. Investigating the dynamics of information update, belief revision, and preference change provides a clearer understanding of how information flows and communication works. In particular, in this setting, interaction between different agents has become a central theme in his papers of modal logics of games.

The plan of the current project is to translate van Benthem's papers on the above modal logic related topics into Chinese. The aim is to make his works accessible to a wider variety of Chinese readers in various disciplines.

Meanwhile, we realize that such a translation is not an easy job. We are trying our best to get a correct understanding first and then put the English texts into Chinese. For more information about the translators in our team, papers currently under translation, and the latest news on our project, please read on.

WHO are involved?

Jiahong Guo
Beijing Normal University, Beijing
Meiyun Guo
Southwest University, Chongqing
Yizhao Hu
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing

Fenrong Liu
Tsinghua University & University of Amsterdam
Xinwen Liu
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing
Junwei Yu
Renmin University, Beijing

Jiangjie Qiu
Peking University, Beijing
Johan van Benthem
Picture from September 2004 at Peking University

Papers to translate

General modal logic Modal logic and computation Modal logic and information Modal logic and games

Important practical points

  • NEW: Check here for the text Format of the first checking.
  • Plan: A complete publishable version is ready by the summer of 2007.
  • Please email Johan van Benthem with any questions you may have when translating those works.
  • Please send your comments or suggestions about the project to Fenrong Liu
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    Last updated: 4 March 2007