PLM Workshop on Delusion in Language and Mind

The Fifth PLM Workshop on Delusion in Language and Mind, will be held in Amsterdam, October 23---24, 2020. The workshop will be held on-line using Zoom.


Attendance of the workshop is free of costs, but pre-registration is obligatory and can be arranged via this form.


Friday October 23 Saturday October 24
Chair: Max Kölbel Chair: Tomas Marvan
9.00 -- 10.30 Michel Croce and Tommaso Piazza, Epistemic Vices and Responsibility in Fake News Consumption. Comments: Corine Besson, Brice Bantegnie. Anna Drożdżowicz, Auditory illusions in speech sound and voice perception and what they can teach us. Comments: Tadeusz Ciecierski.
11.00 -- 12.30 Patricia Mirabile and Zachary Horne, Features of conspiracy theories and of conspiracists' minds. Comments: Teresa Marques. Valentina Petrolini, `I Am the Greatest': Adaptive and Disruptive Varieties of Overconfidence. Comments: Michiel van Lambalgen.
Chair: Kathrin Glüer Chair: Joanna Odrowąż-Sypniewska
14.00 -- 15.30 Kamil Lemanek, Inferentialism, Scorekeeping, and Earnest Delusion. Comments: Triinu Eesmaa. Andrea Rivadulla, Can fragmentationism help a doxastic account of delusions?. Comments: Brice Bantegnie.
16.00 -- 17.30 Benjamin Icard and Raul Fervari, Dynamics of Misdirection. Comments: Deb Marber. Hana Möller Kalpak, Delusions and other question-sensitive beliefs. Comments: Dirk Kindermann.

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