• Jeroen Groenendijk (Abstract)

    Title: Deontic and Epistemic Modals in Suppositional [Inquisitive] Semantics
    Location: OMHP, A2.30
  • Johannes Marti (Abstract)

    Title: The Four Dimensions of Two-Dimensionalism
    Location: Vendelstraat 8, room 307 (the old phil. library)
  • Franz Berto (Abstract)

    Title: Telling Negations from In-Australia Operators
    Location: to be announced
  • Harald Bastiaanse (Abstract)

    Title: The Intensional Many - Conservativity Reclaimed
    Location: room 308, Vendelstraat 8
  • Erik Rietveld (Abstract)

    Title: Skilled intentionality for ‘higher’ cognition
    Location: *BEWARE* Vendelstraat 8, room 308
  • Jakub Szymanik (Abstract)

    Title: Semantic Complexity and Linguistic Distributions
    Location: *BEWARE* Vendelstraat 8, room 308
  • Jeroen Groenendijk and Floris Roelofsen (Abstract)

    Title: Suppositional Inquisitive Semantics
    Location: OMHP, C2.05
  • Matthijs Westera (Abstract)

    Title: Grice can do it (but he was wrong about cancellability)
    Location: OMHP, room D1.18A
  • Robert van Rooij

    Title: What Martin, Jeroen, and Frank could and should have said on vagueness .... but failed to do.
    Location: OMHP D1.18A
  • Raquel Fernández Rovira

    Title: Collective Annotation of Linguistic Resources
  • Theo Janssen (Abstract)

    Title: Dependence, Independence and Compositionality
    Location: Science Park 109, Room B2.09
  • Paul Dekker (Abstract)

    Title: Herakleitos' Distinction
    Location: Room 001 (MFR), Philosophy Department, Vendelstraat 8, Amsterdam
  • Matthijs Westera (Abstract)

    Title: Meanings as proposals: an algebraic inquisitive semantics
    Location: room A1.10, Science Park 904, Amsterdam
  • Craige Roberts (Ohio State University) (Abstract)

    Title: Questions and Information Structure
    Location: Room 107, Philosophy Department, Nieuwe Doelenstraat 15, Amsterdam
  • Balder ten Cate (Abstract)

    Title: Interpolation in Hybrid Logic
    Location: Room 107, Philosophy Department, Nieuwe Doelenstraat 15, Amsterdam