Arend Heyting Stichting

Arend Heyting Lectures

At least once every three years the Arend Heyting Foundation organises an Arend Heyting Lecture. With the Arend Heyting Lectures the Foundation tries to further the knowledge of mathematical logic, and Intuitionism in particular.

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This year we celebrate the Alan Turing Centenary Year. The Arend Heyting Foundation participates in this Centenary, by devoting the Arend Heyting Lecture to Alan Turing's work. This year's lecture will be specifically about the Church-Turing Thesis.
Alan Matheson Turing (1912-1954) made fundamental contributions to Logic and Foundations. He developed the machine model known as the Turing Machine. The Turing Thesis says that every algorithmic computation can be imitated by a Turing Machine.

Alan Turing obtained fundamental results on solvability and unsolvability of certain problems. In passing, he introduced the notion of Turing reducibility, which gave rise to the study of Turing Degrees.
Turing also wrote a pioneering paper on progressions of formal theories.