Logic and Language

Paul Dekker: Herakleitos' Distinction

Speaker: Paul Dekker
Title: Herakleitos' Distinction
Time: 14:00 - 14:00
Location: Room 001 (MFR), Philosophy Department, Vendelstraat 8, Amsterdam

Herakleitos' sparse remarks on a "logos" have been deemed dark, but 2500 years later we can see that they are not as dark as Wittgenstein's TLP. I will use modern findings to show that they naturally fit in Wittgenstein's program, and that they help us to transform Aristotle's square of opposition into an obvious cube of opposition. If time permits I will argue that Herakleitos' logic of distinction is also appropriately conceived of as dynamic in nature, and that it naturally fits his own, even more sparse, remarks on ethical matters.

For more information, write to inescrespo at uva.nl or P.J.E.Dekker at uva.nl.