Logic and Language

Theo Janssen: Dependence, Independence and Compositionality

Speaker: Theo Janssen
Title: Dependence, Independence and Compositionality
Time: 16:00
Location: Science Park 109, Room B2.09

The scope rules for quantifiers in logic can be seen as a consequence of the principle of compositionality. But for some applications  these scope rules are not handsome. One method to change them is (Hintikka's) Independence Friendly Logic, another method is (Vaananen's) Dependence Logic. In the presentation two applications of these logics will be investigated. The first application is the dicto de re ambiguity (the ambiguity of 'Mary seeks a unicorn'). The second one is the formation of Skolemforms (which are the basis for resolution). The conclusion will be that Independence Friendly Logic is suitable for these applications, whereas Dependence Logic cannot be used.