Welcome to the NLP × Digital Humanities lab at the University of Amsterdam ×××

Welcome to the NLP × Digital Humanities lab at the University of Amsterdam ×××

Research in the Natural Language Processing and Digital Humanities unit at the ILLC focuses on automated analysis, interpretation, and generation of human language. We conduct research both on the fundamentals of language technology and its applications in societal contexts. Our work encompasses a range of topics within natural language processing (NLP), such as the development and interpretability of language models, computational semantics and pragmatics, discourse processing, dialogue modeling, multimodal NLP, machine translation, and multilingual NLP. The group also contributes to the design of inclusive language technologies, such as sign language translation and processing of low-resource languages.

Another prominent research direction focuses on the applications in digital humanities, media studies, and computational social science. To this end, the group explores how statistical and neural models can retrieve information from text to help answer questions in the humanities, ranging from history to philosophy, and aid large-scale data-driven analysis of cultural artifacts.

Given our interdisciplinary focus, we frequently collaborate with the Amsterdam Machine Learning Lab, Video and Image Sense Lab, Amsterdam Center for Language and Communication, and the Department of Psychology.

Many of our researchers are also affiliated with the Amsterdam ELLIS Unit.

Would you like to collaborate with us?

  • UvA students: apply to do research within the group
  • Students outside the UvA: apply to our study and research programmes (MSc AI, MSc Logic, the ILLC PhD programme)
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Lab42, Science Park 900,
Amsterdam, Netherlands


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