• Special Issue of The Review of Philosophy and Psychology 13(1), March 2022, containing contributions from the Fifth PLM conference in St Andrews, including:
    • Manuel García-Carpintero How to Understand Rule-Constituted Kinds
    • Maja Spener Naive Introspection in the Philosophy of Perception
    • Eugenia Lancellotta Is the biological adaptiveness of delusions doomed?
    • Giovanni Merlo Self-knowledge and the Paradox of Belief Revision
    • Krzysztof Poslajko How to Think about the Debate over the Reality of Beliefs
    • J. P. Grodniewicz The justification of comprehension-based beliefs
    editors: Derek Ball, Christopher Gauker and Peter Pagin.
  • Special Issue of The Review of Philosophy and Psychology 8(4), December 2017, containing contributions from the Third PLM conference in Oslo, including:
    • Peter Brössel Rational relations between perception and belief: the case of color
    • Herman Cappelen Why philosophers shouldn't do semantics
    • Christopher Gauker Three kinds of nonconceptual seeing-as
    • Kathrin Glüer-Pagin Talking about looks
    • Nat Hansen Color comparisons and interpersonal variation
    • Peter Pagin Constructing the world and locating oneself
    editors: Robyn Carston and Kepa Korta.
  • Special Issue of Synthese 195(8), August 2016, containing contributions from the Second PLM conference in Budapest, including:
    • Maria Alvarez Reasons for action, acting for reasons, and rationality
    • Manuel García-Carpintero De se thoughts and immunity to error through misidentification
    • Teresa Marques Retractions
    • Martine Nida-Rümelin The experience property frame work: a misleading paradigm
    • Josefa Toribio Visual experience: rich but impenetrable
    editors: Hanoch Ben-Yami, Robyn Carston and Markus Werning.
  • Special Issue of Synthese 190(10), July 2013, containing contributions from the First PLM conference in Stockholm, including:
    • Craig French Perceptual experience and seeing that p
    • Peter Fritz A logic for epistemic two-dimensional semantics
    • Nat Hansen A slugfest of intuitions: contextualism and experimental design
    • Marie Guillot The limits of selflessness: semantic relativism and the epistemology of de se thoughts
    • Elisabeth Pacherie Intentional joint agency: shared intention lite
    • François Recanati Perceptual concepts: in defence of the indexical model
    editors: Peter Pagin, Robert van Rooij and Jonas Akerman.