The LIRa seminar is the weekly seminar of the Amsterdam Dynamics Group, focusing on the logical, philosophical and computational aspects of agency, rational interaction and social-informational dynamics. The seminar covers research topics lying at the interface of Logic with Game Theory, Decision Theory, Learning Theory, Formal Epistemology, Social Choice Theory, Computer Science, Philosophy of Science or Philosophy of Language. Core areas of interest are Modal Logic approaches to interaction, as well as other approaches, e.g. game semantics,dynamic semantics for natural language, (co)algebraic approaches, or (in)dependence-friendly logics.

More information about the Amsterdam Dynamics Group and its members can be found here.

Organizers of the LIRa Seminar
Alexandru Baltag
Paolo Galeazzi
Malvin Gattinger
Soroush Rafiee Rad
Sonja Smets

Graphic Design
Nina Gierasimczuk

Past Organizers
Nina Gierasimczuk
Zoé Christoff
Cédric Dégremont
Viktoria Denisova
Davide Grossi
Kohei Kishida
Lena Kurzen
Alexandru Marcoci
Ştefan Minică
Ben Rodenhäuser
Olivier Roy
Fernando Velázquez-Quesada
Jonathan Zvesper