Guidelines for online and hybrid sessions

Here are some general guidelines for our LIRa online and hybrid sessions.

1.- We use the zoom software, which is available at

2.- Before each talk, you will receive, through the LIRa mailing list, an email with a Meeting ID and Password. You can use them to join the meeting. If this is your first time using zoom, we advise joining the meeting in advance, to familiarise yourself with the environment.

3.- At the beginning of the talk, every member of the audience will be muted, in order to avoid external noise.

4.- ASKING QUESTIONS DURING THE TALK. When in a meeting, a button on the lower side of the screen there is a button to “Raise Hand”. Whenever you need to ask a question, please click the button; the host of the session will take notice, and will ask you to unmute. Please use this option responsibly during the talk. Additionally, when asking a question, please turn your video on (in case it was turned off before), so the speaker can ‘read’ better your reaction to their answer.

5.- In case the meeting finishes unexpectedly, you will receive further instructions via the LIRa mailing list as soon as possible.

6.- At the end of the talk, the same “Raise Hand” method will be used for signalling a question. The same suggestion about the use of the video applies.

7.- NOTE: if the speaker agrees, the talk will be recorded. (Still, the question session at the end of the talks will not be recorded.)