Seminar Session on September 19

Monday, September 19th at 14:00 hrs we will have another session of our seminar: Mikkel Birkegaard Andersen and Martin Holm Jensen (Technical University of Denmark) will present their work entitled Epistemic Planning with the below abstract.

The meeting will take place in room G2.02 in Science Park 904.


Planning is a method for reasoning about one’s actions with the intent of reaching a desired state of affairs. One way to formalize a planning problem is to define an initial state, a formula describing one or more goal states, and a set of actions. Actions are described by preconditions, what must be true for the action to be applicable, and the effects of applying it. Dynamic Epistemic Logic (DEL) offers a framework for reasoning about the evolution of a (knowledge) system; however DEL does not readily support certain important aspects of planning. In particular, agents must hypothesize about (or entertain the idea of) certain future outcomes while planning, without necessarily knowing which specific outcome will come to pass while acting in the system.

In the first part of this talk we will introduce planning with nondeterminism and partial observability and relate this to similar concepts in Dynamic Epistemic Logic. In the second part we will discuss the extensions to DEL necessary to carry out planning; in particular we will consider notions of run time and plan time knowledge as well as the notion of a subjective perspective. In the last part we will discuss the added benefits of casting planning in this setting.