Talk on Thursday February 19th


This Thursday 19th of February at 15:00 hrs we will have a talk in our seminar’s sessions: Davide Grossi, who just started a Postdoc at the ILLC, will talk about “Some Themes in the Logic of Norms” (abstract follows). After the talk, the discussion will take place with some drinks (this time, the drinks will come to us!).

The meeting will take place in room 3.27 of the P building (Euclides).


In this talk I will touch upon a number of aspects which are essential for the formal understanding of normative reasoning. Concretely, I will present a number of formal systems (among which a dynamic logic), discuss their semantics, axiomatics, some of their meta-logical properties, and the insights they provide for the theory of norms. I will also stress some methodological points concerning the use of logic as a clarification tool for the analysis of notions (e.g., the notion of norm) which are borrowed from non-formal disciplines (e.g., legal theory), philosophy, or common-sense.