Talk on Thursday March 26th


This Thursday 26th of March at 15:00 hrs we will have a talk in our seminar’s sessions. This time, Pietro Galliani will talk about “Dependence Logic, Coalitions and Announcements” (abstract follows). After the talk, further discussions about the topic and other dynamic business can take place with some drinks!

The meeting will take place in room 1.14 of the P building (Euclides).


Logics of imperfect information are extensions of FOL which allow more complex pattern of variable dependence and independence. We are going to consider the “players as coalitions” interpretation of the associated games (van Benthem, The Epistemic Logic of IF Games, 2003; Pietarinen and Sandu, IF Logic, Game-Theoretical Semantics, and the Philosophy of Science, 2004), especially with respect to Probabilistic Dependence Logic (Galliani, Game values and equilibria for undetermined sentences of Dependence Logic, Sep 2008; Galliani, Probabilistic Dependence Logic, Dec. 2008) and Equilibrim Semantics (Sandu and Sevenster, to appear).

This approach, which will be seen to arise naturally from applications in communication modeling, data compression and data recovery, allows us to find a translation between the two above-mentioned frameworks.

Finally, by answering a question asked in (Kontinen and Väänänen, On Definability in Dependence Logic, 2007) about the uniform definability of a particular quantifier we will end up considering the role played by announcements in these logics: in particular, it will be proved that there exists no compositional translation between Dependence Logic with public announcements and Dependence Logic proper.