Seminar session on Thursday October 22nd


This Thursday 22 of October at 16:00 hrs we will have our next seminar’s sessions. This time, Alistair Isaac, from Stanford, will talk about Equivalence Notions for Games with Unawareness (abstract below). After the talk, further discussions about the topic and other dynamic business can take place with some drinks!

The meeting will take place in room A1.06 at Science Park 904.


Thompson (1952) established a standard approach to game equivalence. He showed that all extensive form games which share a corresponding strategic form can be mapped into each other by application of some sequence of four transformations. This work extends this strategy for analyzing game equivalence to the case of Games with Unawareness. Games with Unawareness model scenarios in which players may be unaware of some of the game structure (other players, moves available, etc.). After introducing the basic motivation behind this general approach to equivalence, and explaining the basics of games with unawareness, I will demonstrate how a unique strategic game with unawareness can be associated with every extensive game with unawareness. I will then discuss the development of transformations over extensive form games with unawareness that preserve this corresponding strategic form.


  • Thompson, F.B. (1953) Equivalence of Games in Extensive Form.
  • Feinberg, Yossi (2009) Games with Unawareness.