Seminar session on 3rd of March

This Wednesday 3rd of March at 14:00 hrs we will have another session of our seminar: Joel Uckelman, from ILLC, will present his work entitled Preference Representation Using Weighted Formulas: Theory & Applications with the abstract given below.

The meeting will take place in room A114 in Science Park 904.


Utility functions are the most obvious way of representing cardinal
preferences, but are explicit representations, which makes them unwieldy
to work with. In this talk, I will present a formalism for representing
cardinal preferences using sets of weighted formulas. These sets of
weighted formulas, called goalbases, when collected as sets themselves,
form goalbase languages. Pleasantly, it happens that forming goalbase
languages by placing syntactic restrictions on the weighted formulas
their goalbases contain gives us languages which correspond to common
classes of utility functions. In the Theory part of this talk, I will
discuss the classification we made of the expressivity, succinctness,
and complexity of various goalbase languages. In the Applications part,
I will describe the use of goalbases for representing preferences (as
bids) in auctions and (as ballots) in voting.