Seminar session on 24th of March

Wednesday 24th of March at 14:00 hrs we will have another session of our seminar: Sara Uckelman, from ILLC, will present her work entitled A Dynamic Epistemic Logic Approach to Modeling Obligationes with the abstract given below.

The meeting will take place in room A114 in Science Park 904.


Medieval theories of obligationes, turn-based dialogues between
two players, the Opponent and the Respondent, where the Respondent’s
acts are governed by a set of rules fixed in advance, have impressed
modern commentators with their similarity to logical games. However,
obligationes do not fit nicely into either of the two main trends in
logical games: Lorenzen’s dialogical logic and Hintikka’s game-theoretic
semantics. We propose an alternative framework based on Dynamic
Epistemic Logic which allows different variations to be modeled within a
single setting; this framework takes into account seriously the dynamic
features of obligationes and provides a semantic grounding for the
knowledge and actions of the players. In this talk I will present a
number of different medieval theories of obligationes and the DEL
framework, and show how the framework nicely models these theories. I
will also point out a number of areas for extensions and further work
where hopefully those more familiar with DEL than I can suggest to me
useful ways to approach the problems.