Seminar Session on November 3rd

Thursday, November 3rd at 13:00 hrs we will have another session of our seminar: Tomoyuki Yamada (Hokkaido University) will present his work entitled Acts of requesting in the dynamic logic of knowledge and obligation with the below abstract.

The meeting will take place in room D1.162 in Science Park 904.


Although it seems intuitively clear that acts of requesting are different
from acts of commanding (or ordering), it is not very easy to sate
their differences exactly. By combining dynamified deontic logic with
dynamic epistemic logic, we will become able to characterize, at least partly,
the effects of an agent A’s act of commanding another agent B to see
to it that P and the effects of A’s act of requesting B to see to it
that P. One interesting result is the equivalence of an act of requesting
to an act of commanding with related but much more complicated content