Seminar Session on November 24th

Thursday, November 24th at 15:00 hrs we will have another session of our seminar: Jan van Eijck and Floor Sietsma (CWI) will present their work entitled Action Emulation Revisited with the below abstract.

The meeting will take place in room D1.113 in Science Park 904.

Further interaction and discussions will take place with drinks afterward.


It is well-known that a large class of communicative updates of Kripke models can be represented as action models (Kripke models with valuations on worlds replaced by precondition formulas).  Two action models are equivalent if they have the same update effect (modulo bisimulation) on all Kripke models. The talk will first summarize previous results (by Ji Ruan, Tomasz Sadzik and JvE) on how to characterize action model equivalence, and next extend these results.