Seminar Session: Yongmei Liu

Thursday, December 8th at 15:00 hrs we will have another session of our seminar: Yongmei Liu (Sun Yat-sen University) will present her work entitled Incorporating Action Models into the Situation Calculus with the below abstract.

The meeting will take place in room A1.08 in Science Park 904.


The situation calculus is a first-order language suitable for describing dynamic worlds. While both situation calculus and dynamic epistemic logics (DELs) are concerned about reasoning about actions and their effects, historically, the emphasis of situation calculus was on physical actions in the single-agent case, in contrast, DELs focused on epistemic actions in the multi-agent case. In recent years, the cross-fertilization between the two areas has begun to attract attention. In this talk, I will present our ongoing work on incorporating the idea of action models into the situation calculus to make it suitable for representing and reasoning about physical and epistemic actions in multi-agent systems. This is joint work with Hector Levesque.


Yongmei Liu is a Professor of Computer Science at Sun Yat-sen University, China. She received her PhD in Computer Science from the University of Toronto. Her research interests are in knowledge representation and reasoning in Artificial Intelligence, reasoning about actions, cognitive robotics, program verification and debugging.