LIRa session: Joshua Sack

On November 8, Joshua Sack will give a LIRa talk.
Everyone is cordially invited!

Speakers: Joshua Sack (ILLC)
Title: Compositional Reasoning for Multi-Modal Logics
Room: Science Park 904, room G0.05
Time: Thursday, 8 November, 15:30-17:30

Abstract: Decomposition and quotienting are techniques for reducing the problem of checking the truth of a formula in the composition of two or more models to checking the truth of related formulas in some or all of the components.  Motivation for this comes from the fact the the number of states in the composition is generally much larger than the sum of numbers of states in the components; this is a type of state space explosion problem. But these techniques also have theoretical appeal, as they add new insight into the relationship between composition and model checking.  This talk discusses decomposition and quotienting techniques in the setting of multi-modal logic, using a composition recently defined in van Eijck et al. (Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 21(3-4):397-425, 2011) that was initially intended for epistemic models.