LIRa Student Session: Johannes Marti and Riccardo Pinosio

**Please note that from April on, the LIRa seminar will be held on THURSDAYS at 3:30.**

On Thursday, April 17, we will have a LIRa Student Session with Johannes Marti and Riccardo Pinosio.

Everyone is cordially invited!

Speaker: Johannes Marti and Riccardo Pinosio (University of Amsterdam)
Title: Premise Semantics for Conditional Logic
Date and Time: Thursday, April 17, 2014, 15:30-17:00
Venue: Science Park 107, Room F1.15

In this talk we study the premise semantics for conditional logic and discuss its applications to dynamic epistemic logic.

Premise semantics was introduced for the logic of counterfactual conditionals as an alternative to the standard order semantics. Recently, it has been adapted to epistemic logic in the guise of evidence models. In both settings it has been observed that the premise semantics is directly related to the order semantics. We clarify this relation by showing that it is an instance of the Alexandroff correspondence between preorders and Alexandroff topological spaces.

We then discuss two extensions of the framework. These are motivated by applications to the dynamics of belief when evidence is ranked according to reliability, learning about a changing world and causal reasoning.