LIRA session: Ren-June Wang

On Thursday July 9th 2015, we will have a LIRa session with Ren-June Wang.

Everyone is cordially invited!

Speaker: Ren-June Wang

Date and Time: Thursday, July 9th 2015, 16:00-17:30
Venue: Science Park 107, Room F1.15

Title: Epistemic Logic, Deductive Rationality and Logical Omniscience

Abstract.  In this talk, I will give a conceptual analysis to the problem of the logical omniscience, trying to locate the source of the problem and pointing out what a solution to the problem should be. According to the analysis, there are three assumptions that are normally expected to be imposed on an epistemic formalism: 1) the intended concept to be dealt with by the formalism is the modeled agent’s explicit knowledge (or belief), 2) the modeled agent is a competent deductive reasoner and logical relation between the modeled agent’s knowledge reflects this competence, and 3) the agent’s reasoning ability is realistic in the sense of not explicitly knowing all the logical consequences of her knowledge. The problem of logical omniscience is thus the result of the irreconcilability of these assumptions in the traditional way of dealing with the subject. After the analysis, as a case study, I will introduce the logical framework, tMEL, timed Modal Epistemic Logic to deal with the problem. And finally, If time permitted, I will discuss some extensions of tMEL and its applications.