LogiCIC Workshop: The Logical Structure of Correlated Information Change

November 17-19, 2016 in Amsterdam.

More information: logicicworkshop2016.wordpress.com.

This workshop is entirely devoted to the LogiCIC Research Project on “The Logical Structure of Correlated Information Change”. In this project we focus in particular on correlations that arise in situations in which the very act of learning new information may directly change the reality that is being learnt. An example is the way in which an introspective agent changes her beliefs when learning new higher-order information, i.e. information that may refer to her own beliefs. A similar situation arises when a scientist learns about a phenomenon by performing measurements that perturb the very phenomenon under study. More complex forms of correlated information change occur in groups of communicating agents when some agents’ beliefs about the others’ belief changes may trigger or influence their own belief change. In this interdisciplinary project, we will combine insights and techniques from a range of research domains, including logic, game theory, philosophy of science, network theory, quantum theory, belief revision theory, truth approximation and formal learning theory.

Topics for presentations at the workshop will include:
– epistemic and doxastic influence in social networks
– formal models of knowledge and beliefs (plausibility models, topological models, neighborhood models etc.)
– higher-order belief dynamics and knowledge updates
– strategies for learning and truth convergence
– Rational interaction, decision-making and planning in a multi-agent setting
– Models of social-informational phenomena such as pluralistic ignorance, informational cascades, group polarization etc.

Everyone is warmly invited to attend, but please do register on this website.

Call For Papers: Participants who are interested in presenting their work at the workshop are welcome to submit a 2-page abstract by 1 November 2016 (Central European Time). Submitted abstracts have to be uploaded on the following easychair site: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=logicic2016.
Notifications of acceptance will be sent out by 7 November 2016.

Local Organizers: Sonja Smets (The Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands). And the LogiCIC team members Fernando R. Velázquez Quesada, Paolo Galeazzi and Soroush S. Rafiee Rad (UvA, The Netherlands).

Organizational Assistance: Pam Rossel (The Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands).

This workshop is the fifth event in the series of LogiCIC workshops in Amsterdam. It is sponsored by the LogiCIC project (ERC-2011-STG No. 283963), on ‘The Logical Structure of Correlated Information Change’ funded by the European Research Council and the European Community under FP7.