2nd DaLí – Dynamic Logic: New Trends and Applications

Overview. Building on the pioneer intuitions of Floyd-Hoare logic, Dynamic Logic was introduced in the 70’s by Pratt as a suitable logic to reason about, and verify, classic imperative programs. Since then, the original intuitions grew to an entire family of logics, which became increasingly popular for assertional reasoning about a wide range of computational systems. Simultaneously, their object (i.e. the very notion of a program) evolved in unexpected ways. This leads to dynamic logics tailored to specific programming paradigms and extended to new computing domains, including probabilistic, continuous and quantum computation. Both its theoretical relevance and practical potential make Dynamic Logic a topic of interest in a number of scientific venues, from wide-scope software engineering conferences to modal logic specific events. However, no specific event is exclusively dedicated to it. This workshop aims at filling such a gap, joining a heterogeneous community of colleagues, from Academia to Industry, from Mathematics to Computer Science. Furthermore, it will provide a forum for disseminating and sharing new trends and applications of Dynamic Logic.

The workshop is promoted by the project DaLí – Dynamic logics for cyber-physical systems: towards contract based design  (POCI-01-0145-FEDER-016692), a R&D project supported by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology

Submission and publication. Authors are invited to submit original papers (unpublished and not submitted for publication elsewhere) up to 15 pages in lncs style through this link. As in the previous edition, the post-proceedings will be published by Springer as a Lecture Notes in Computer Science volume. Selected papers will be invited for an extended submission to a journal (tba).

Deadline for submission: June 14, 2019 JUNE 28, 2019 [EXTENDED]

Notification of acceptance: July 19, 2019

Date and venue: October 9, 2019,  Porto, Portugal.

For more information about the workshop please check the following link: http://workshop.dali.di.uminho.pt/.