LIRa session (online only): Malvin Gattinger

Speaker: Malvin Gattinger

Date and Time: Thursday, September 24th 2020, 16:30-18:30, Amsterdam time.

Venue: online.

Title: Shifting perspectives without possible worlds

Abstract. Recent work on Epistemic Planning uses Dynamic Epistemic Logic to solve multi-agent planning problems. For this it is often necessary to compute perspective shifts to let agents take into account the knowledge of others. So far, these perspective shifts are usually defined on explicit Kripke models which may grow exponentially.

This talk will discuss methods to compute perspective shifts without explicit Kripke models. Instead, we will define perspective shifting on symbolic structures and succinct models. Both are compact representations from previous literature showing how to speed up model checking DEL. Our new definitions thus aim to make multi-agent epistemic planning more efficient in the future. Time permitting, we will also show how symbolic perspective shifting is implemented in SMCDEL.

See here for the recording of the talk.