LIRa-related event: DIEP Workshop, with talk by ILLC researcher

On Thursday, the 26th of November from 1pm to 4pm, the Dutch Institute for Emergent Phenomena (DIEP) is organising a series of virtual talks by the DIEP fellows and researchers who will be joining DIEP@UvA soon. ILLC is the host institute for one of these fellows, Soroush Rafiee Rad, who will give a talk on “Characterizing Probabilistic Models with a Symmetry Axiom”.  The topics covered by the talks include multiscale modelling of reaction-diffusion networks, self-learning algorithms in duopoly, axiomatic approaches to probabilistic models, and many-body stochastic systems. Everybody at ILLC is welcome to attend, and the Zoom link will be emailed to the LIRa list.  You will have the opportunity to meet DIEP researchers and hear more about upcoming activities. More information (including full programme and abstracts) is available here: