Online Workshop: Logic with Vector Space Models

The LIRa-related event “Logic with Vector Space Models” will take place online on November 13. Please, find the general information below. For more details:

Vector space, as a mathematical structure, is perhaps much more understood by human beings than any other field of mathematics, and it finds its natural usage in a number of wildly different areas, including physics, computer science, numerical analysis, linguistics, to name a few. Logic, on the other hand, is the canonical tool for talking about and reasoning in different structures. Given that vector space is used as the fundamental structure at various places, a complete analysis of it using logical tools and the development of logical systems with vector space models will be beneficial.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together worldwide scholars who share a common interest in this topic but with varying perspectives, collaborating to develop tools for logical analysis of vector spaces or logical systems with vector space models. We hope this workshop will broaden our views on the matter of subject, and ultimately put logic and logical methods in a place of wider applications.