LIRa Session: Catholijn Jonker

Speaker: Catholijn Jonker (Delft University of Technology)

Date and Time: Thursday, November 25th 2021, 16:30-18:00, Amsterdam time.

Venue: online.

Title: Revisiting Computational Fragments of Logic and Meta-Reasoning: the DESIRE framework


I will discuss how bi-modular logics of a simple kind can be used to perform abstract meta-level forms of reasoning.

I don’t know if I can get the old DESIRE system running again for you, but I will give it a try. Otherwise I will explain the concept to you in detail. Showing how you can use meta-level reasoning for Diagnostic Reasoning and for reasoning about the Closed World Assumption in a different way. I will reflect on this to show how this reasoning could help in modern day I to have systems realise what it is that they don’t know about.