LIRa Session: Giorgio Sbardolini

Speaker: Giorgio Sbardolini

Date and Time: Thursday, December 9th 2021, 16:30-18:00, Amsterdam time.

Venue: online.

Title: Coordination without Common Knowledge

Abstract. It is fairly well understood how rational agents coordinate by means of common knowledge. At least occasionally, we are rational, and we coordinate. Even so, often it doesn’t seem that we coordinate by reasoning about what we both know (and we know that we know and so on). Sometimes we coordinate without common knowledge, but how? I’ll present some work in progress in which I try to make sense of a weak notion of rationality on which coordination without common knowledge is rational. I will present two (tentative) ways of making sense of this idea: one using Iterated Best Response reasoning and one using Dynamic Epistemic Actions. The two approaches are not equivalent, and I’m also interested in what connections there might be between these two ways of studying rational action.

Click here for the recording of this talk.