LIRa session: Zoé Christoff

Group picture in the ILLC common room
Group picture from the first Live LIRa session since a long time.

Speaker: Zoé Christoff (University of Groningen)

Date and Time: Thursday, September 15th 2022, 16:30-18:00

Venue: ILLC seminar room F1.15 in Science Park 107 and online / hybrid (no recording)

Title: Reasoning about Cascading Ability in Social Networks

(joint work with Thomas Ågotnes)

Abstract. We propose a coalition logic to reason about the power of influence of groups of agents in social networks. We focus on threshold models, where agents are influenced into adopting a new product or behaviour as soon as enough of their direct network-neighbours have adopted it already. We introduce the syntax and semantics and illustrate how it captures the ability of (groups of) agents to trigger cascading effects in the network. We discuss some properties featured by the new logic, some of which are directly inherited from the underlying standard Coalition Logic, and some that are novel.