Working Session on December 1st

This Monday 1st of December at 15:30 we will have another Dynamic Logic Working Session. This time, Søren will talk about “Suggestions for Strategies in Modeling the Role of Reasoning in Ensemble Coordination” (abstract follows). The meeting will take place in room 3.27 of the P building (Euclides).


Even though there is presumably a lot of direct communication going on in a performance situation (through facial expressions, bodily cues, the signals of a conductor, if any, etc.), there will inevitably be situations where the coordination of the musicians rests on an (often tacit) agreement on “what to do next”. This agreement is in some cases only imagined (and hence the coordination happens by chance), in other cases the result of the musicians synchronously having the same expectations of what the other musicians will do, and in yet other cases the result of certain strategies being common knowledge (or a close approximation thereof) in the ensemble. This presentation will be an introduction to how one can model the role played by the reasoning of the individual musicians in achieving coordination of the entire group (more specifically, solving coordination problems). I move from a very simplified model in terms of a classic multi-agent system over a sketch of an analysis in terms of Michael Bacharach’s use of “variable frames” in game theory to my present, very preliminary attempts of applying decision theory and theories of belief revision to the description. (The latter two may become important if we wish to describe how a composition or another set of rules for the performance can be moderated during the performance.)