Seminar Session: Pietro Galliani

On Thursday, January 19th from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. we will have another session of our seminar: Pietro Galliani (Amsterdam) will present his work on Dynamic Logics of Imperfect Information and Transition Semantics.

The meeting will take place in room C1.112 in Science Park 904.


Logics of imperfect information extend first-order logic by allowing one to express more general patterns of dependence and independence between variables. In this talk, I will present and discuss a new, “dynamic” approach to the semantics of these formalisms, which merges their game-theoretic semantics and their Hodges-style semantics into a single framework, reminiscent of van Benthem, Ghosh and Lu’s Concurrent Dynamic Game Logic. From this perspective, logics of imperfect information can hence be seen as formalisms for reasoning about about games and information states in a first-order setting.