Questions, assertions, and hybrids in an inquisitive discourse model: Summer 2013

Duesseldorf, Germany European Summer School for Logic, Language, and Information (ESSLLI)

The course aims to familiarize students with recent developments in semantics and pragmatics, focusing on assertions, questions, and a range of ‘hybrid’ discourse moves that combine features of both. At a theoretical level, it integrates recent work in inquisitive semantics with work on discourse structure, refining and enriching both. Empirically, it covers a range of discourse initiatives and responses to them, presenting in‐depth analyses of cross‐linguistic data from English, German, French, Romanian, and Hungarian.

Reading material


Monday: General outline of the course and introduction to inquisitive semantics (handout)

Tuesday: Default assertions and default polar questions (handout)

Wednesday: Non-default cases: rising declaratives, various types of tag questions (handout)

Thursday: Polarity particle responses in English (handout)

Friday: Polarity particle responses cross-linguistically (handout)