From 2016 till 2019, there was a regular seminar in Amsterdam dedicated specifically to inquisitive semantics and closely related topics. Below is a list of talks given in that period.

Since 2020, members of the inquisitive semantics group in Amsterdam co-organise the Meaning, Logic, and Cognition Seminar together with other research groups at the ILLC interested in meaning. The schedule of this seminar is available on the MLC website.


Gennaro Chierchia Dynamic predication

Sunwoo Jeong Varieties of biased questions

Dominique Blok Pragmatic inferences of modified numerals and modals

Jakub Dotlacil Dynamic inquisitive semantics

Wataru Uegaki Issue-sensitive discourse particles and intonational compliance: the case of Japanese ‘ne’ and ‘yo’

Gianluca Grilletti Algebraic and topological semantics for inquisitive logic via choice-free duality

Dean McHugh Negation and alternatives in conditional antecedents

Zhuyoe Zhao What do we know when we ask questions: experimental evidence for contextual inquisitiveness

Jos Tellings Tense and temporal questions in Inquisitive Semantics

Floris Roelofsen NPIs in questions


Gennaro Chierchia Harvard

Lucas Champollion NYU


Kathryn Davidson Harvard

Sabine Iatridou MIT


Amir Anvari

Thom van Gessel & Tom Schoonen Inconsistent information states


Erlinde Meertens Generating class in disjunctive questions

Danny Fox

Monday (2pm-4pm)

Marvin Schmitt & Hana Möller Kalpak

Malte Zimmermann


Dora Mihoc An extent-based GQT-style unified implicature account of bare and modified numerals

Alexandre Cremers Polarity sensitivity of question embedding

joint work with Thom van Gessel and Floris Roelofsen

Morwenna Hoeks & Jonathan Pesetsky

different time slot: 12.00 - 14.00

Gianluca Griletti Tackling the completeness problem for InqBQ: techniques and current results

Nadine Theiler Choosing additive particles in wh-questions

Zhuoye Zhao Towards more dynamics of questions: an inquisitive plausibility-urgency model

Jonathan Pesetsky & Saúl Fernández Suppose Epistemic Contradictions Might Just Be Moore Sentences

presentations of Master of Logic students, track language

Jakub Dotlacil Dynamic properties of question words


Sabine Iatridou MIT

Sabine Iatridou MIT


Erlinde Meertens Konstanz


Amir Anvari Paris

Sabine Iatridou MIT

Andreas Haida Jerusalem

Sabine Iatridou MIT


Dora Mihoc Harvard

Malte Zimmermann Potsdam

Liz Coppock Boston University

Donka Farkas UC Santa Cruz


Danny Fox MIT


Floris Roelofsen An inquisitive perspective on hyperintensionality

Gianluca Grilletti An Ehrenfeucht–Fraïssé game for inquisitive first-order logic

Alexandre Cremers Plurality effects in an exhaustification-based theory of embedded questions

Tamara Dobler An inquisitive approach to occasion-sensitivity

Thom van Gessel Acceptability of interrogatives under be certain

after-summer meeting

Thom van Gessel Quantifiers in Questions

Gianluca Grilletti Disjunction and existence property in inquisitive first-order logic

Nadine Theiler The precondition particle: towards a unified analysis of German denn

Salvador Mascarenhas Exploring the line between reasoning and interpretation

Ivano Ciardelli Counterfactuals: from minimal change to maximal background

Nadine Theiler A semantic account of the selectional restrictions of rogative and anti-rogative verbs

Ivano Ciardelli Breaking de Morgan’s law in counterfactual antecedent + lifting conditionals to inquisitive semantics

Vit Punčochár Inquisitive Relevant Logic

Yimei Xiang Sensitivity to false answers in interpreting questions under attitudes

Jakub Dotlačil Dynamics of questions

Fan Yang Propositional team logics

Alexandre Cremers, Morwenna Hoeks, Grzegorz Lisowski & Jonathan Pesetsky Experimental evidence for semantic accounts of free choice + Ignorance inferences from modified numerals

Liz Coppock On the relation between verbal mood and sentence mood

Giuseppe Greco A multi-type calculus for inquisitive logic

Floris Roelofsen What’s wrong with wonder that and believe whether?

Andrzej Wiśniewski Generalized entailment and inferential erotetic logic


Andrzej Wiśniewski Poznań


Clemens Mayr Berlin


Yimei Xiang Harvard

Vit Puncochar Prague

Salvador Mascarenhas Paris


Floris Roelofsen Inquisitive live possibility semantics, Part II

Sabine Iatridou Indefinite uses of wh-words

Floris Roelofsen Inquisitive live possibility semantics, Part I

Special session on modified numerals

Gianluca Grilletti First-order inquisitive logic

Thom van Gessel Inquisitive action model logic

Alexandre Cremers practice talk for NELS

joint work with Yimei Xiang

Jakub Dotlacil

Wataru Uegaki The ignorance implication of inquisitive predicates

joint work with Floris Roelofsen

Ivano Ciardelli Questions as information types

Nadine Theiler Truthful resolutions: a new perspective on false-answer sensitivity

Floris Roelofsen Introduction and welcome to new members


Sabine Iatridou MIT

Liz Coppock Gothenburg/Uppsala