Research projects

Questions in sign language

2022–2027][ VICI

Floris Roelofsen PI Amsterdam

Marloes Oomen Postdoc Amsterdam

Raquel Veiga Busto Postdoc Amsterdam

New territories for modal logic

2021–2026][ Emmy Noether

Ivano Ciardelli PI Munich

Gianluca Grilletti Postdoc Munich


Adrian Ommundsen PhD student Munich

Quantification and modality in the realm of questions

2016–2021][ Starting Grant

Floris Roelofsen PI Amsterdam

Ivano Ciardelli External co-PI Munich

Alexandre Cremers Postdoc Amsterdam

Ciyang Qing Postdoc Amsterdam

Thom van Gessel PhD student Amsterdam

Gianluca Grilletti PhD student Amsterdam

Searching for semantic universals in the modal domain

2018–2021][ Internationalisation Grant

Wataru Uegaki PI Leiden/Edinburgh

Floris Roelofsen co-I Amsterdam

Maribel Romero co-I Konstanz


Jakub Szymanik co-I Amsterdam


Malte Zimmerman co-I Postdam


Uli Sauerland co-I Berlin

Inquisitiveness below and beyond the sentence boundary

2015–2020][ VIDI

Floris Roelofsen PI Amsterdam

Alexandre Cremers Postdoc Amsterdam

Jakub Dotlacil Postdoc Amsterdam

Nadine Theiler PhD student Amsterdam

Channels of meaning: how information can be expressed without being said

2014–2019][ Pro Futura Scientia

Liz Coppock PI GÖteborg


2018–2019][ MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI)

Kees Hengeveld PI Amsterdam

Floris Roelofsen PI Amsterdam

Non-question uses of question words cross-linguistically

2016–2017][ Visiting Professors Programme

Sabine Iatridou Nominee MIT

Kees Hengeveld Nominator Amsterdam

Floris Roelofsen Nominator Amsterdam

Deontic puzzles and suppositional inquisitive semantics in legal language


Questions, assertions, and the land in between

2015–2016][ Visiting Professors Programme

Donka Farkas Nominee Santa Cruz

Floris Roelofsen Nominator Amsterdam


Martin Stokhof Nominator Amsterdam

The inquisitive turn: a new perspective on semantics, logic, and pragmatics

2010–2015][ Free Competition

Jeroen Groenendijk PI Amsterdam

Floris Roelofsen Postdoc and co-PI Amsterdam

Ivano Ciardelli PhD student Amsterdam

Matthijs Westera PhD student Amsterdam

Interpreting questions: a fine-grained compositional semantics

2012–2015][ VENI

Floris Roelofsen PI Amsterdam

Compositional Semantics of Quantifier Words Cross-linguistically

2014–2015][ Visiting Professors Programme

Anna Szabolcsi Nominee New York

Floris Roelofsen Nominator Amsterdam


Martin Stokhof Nominator Amsterdam