Since 2020, members of the inquisitive semantics group in Amsterdam co-organise the Meaning, Logic, and Cognition Seminar together with other research groups at the ILLC interested in meaning. The schedule of this seminar is available on the MLC website:

From 2016 till 2019, there was a regular seminar in Amsterdam dedicated specifically to inquisitive semantics and closely related topics. Below is a list of talks given in that period.


November 8: Gennaro Chierchia: Dynamic predication

June 14: Sunwoo Jeong: Varieties of biased questions

May 24: Sophie Repp: Yes/No, response particles are not trivial! German and German Sign Language in the multimethodical data lab and under the theoretical microscope (slides)

May 17: Dominique Blok: Pragmatic inferences of modified numerals and modals

May 10: Jakub Dotlacil: Dynamic inquisitive semantics

May 3: Wataru Uegaki: Issue-sensitive discourse particles and intonational compliance: the case of Japanese ‘ne' and ‘yo'

April 8 (Monday): Gianluca Grilletti: Algebraic and topological semantics for inquisitive logic via choice-free duality

April 5: Dean McHugh: Negation and alternatives in conditional antecedents
             Zhuyoe Zhao: What do we know when we ask questions: experimental evidence for contextual inquisitiveness

January 25: Jos Tellings: Tense and temporal questions in Inquisitive Semantics

January 18: Floris Roelofsen: NPIs in questions


December 14: a workshop in Leiden on modals and semantics:

December 7: Amir Anvari (Paris)

November 30: Thom van Gessel & Tom Schoonen: Inconsistent information states (12- 2pm)

November 23: Erlinde Meertens (Konstanz): Generating class in disjunctive questions

June 25 *Monday* (2pm-4pm): Danny Fox

June 22: Marvin Schmitt and Hana Möller Kalpak

June 15 (4pm - 6pm): Malte Zimmermann (Postdam)

June 12: Dora Mihoc: An extent-based GQT-style unified implicature account of bare and modified numerals

June 5: Alexandre Cremers (joint work with Thom van Gessel and Floris Roelofsen): Polarity sensitivity of question embedding

May 25: Morwenna Hoeks, Jonathan Pesetsky (different time slot: 12.00 - 14.00)

May 4: Gianluca Griletti: Tackling the completeness problem for InqBQ: techniques and current results

April 26: Nadine Theiler: Choosing additive particles in wh-questions

April 13:    Zhuoye Zhao: Towards more dynamics of questions: an inquisitive plausibility-urgency model
                   Jonathan Pesetsky & Saúl Fernández: Suppose Epistemic Contradictions Might Just Be Moore Sentences

April 6: presentations of Master of Logic students, track language

March 23: Floris Roelofsen: Some thoughts on NPIs in questions and emotive factives

February 9: Andreas Haida: Obligatory irrelevance and the computation of ignorance inferences

January 19: Jakub Dotlacil: Dynamic properties of question words


December 1: Gianluca Grilletti: An Ehrenfeucht–Fraïssé game for inquisitive first-order logic

November 17: Alexandre Cremers: "Plurality effects in an exhaustification-based theory of embedded questions"

November 3: Tamara Dobler: An inquisitive approach to occasion-sensitivity

October 27: Thom van Gessel: Acceptability of interrogatives under be certain

Sep 15: after-summer meeting

Jun 16: Thom van Gessel, Quantifiers in Questions

Jun 9: Gianluca Grilletti, Disjunction and existence property in inquisitive first-order logic.

Jun 2: Nadine Theiler, The precondition particle: towards a unified analysis of German denn

May 19: Salvador Mascarenhas (Paris): Exploring the line between reasoning and interpretation

May 12: Ivano Ciardelli, Counterfactuals: from minimal change to maximal background

May 4: Nadine Theiler, A semantic account of the selectional restrictions of rogative and anti-rogative verbs

Apr 21: Ivano Ciardelli, Breaking de Morgan's law in counterfactual antecedent + lifting conditionals to inquisitive semantics

Apr 7: Vit Punčochár (Prague), Inquisitive Relevant Logic

Mar 17: Yimei Xiang (Harvard), Sensitivity to false answers in interpreting questions under attitudes

Mar 10: Jakub Dotlačil, Dynamics of questions

Mar 3: Fan Yang (Delft), Propositional team logics

Feb 24: Alexandre Cremers, Morwenna Hoeks, Grzegorz Lisowski and Jonathan Pesetsky. Experimental evidence for semantic accounts of free choice + Ignorance inferences from modified numerals

Feb 17: Liz Coppock, On the relation between verbal mood and sentence mood

Feb 10: Giuseppe Greco (Delft), A multi-type calculus for inquisitive logic

Feb 3: Floris Roelofsen, What's wrong with wonder that and believe whether?

Jan 20: Andrzej Wiśniewski (Poznan), Generalized entailment and inferential erotetic logic


Dec 2: Floris Roelofsen, Inquisitive live possibility semantics, Part II

Nov 25: Sabine Iatridou, Indefinite uses of wh-words

Nov 18: Floris Roelofsen, Inquisitive live possibility semantics, Part I

Nov 4: Special session on modified numerals
            13.00 Ivano Ciardelli and Floris Roelofsen: Implicatures of modified numerals, quantity or quality?
Stavroula Alexandropoulou (Utrecht): Survey of recent experimental results
            14.20 Alexandre Cremers: Design for a new experiment

Oct 21: Gianluca Grilletti, First-order inquisitive logic

Oct 14: Thom van Gessel, Inquisitive action model logic

Oct 7: Alexandre Cremers (practice talk for NELS, joint work with Yimei Xiang)

Sept 30: Jakub Dotlacil

Sept 23: Wataru Uegaki (Leiden), The ignorance implication of inquisitive predicates (joint work with Floris Roelofsen)

Sept 16: Ivano Ciardelli, Questions as information types

Sept 9: Nadine Theiler, Truthful resolutions: a new perspective on false-answer sensitivity

Sept 2: Floris Roelofsen, Introduction and welcome to new members

Visitors 2019/2020

Nov 7-9 Gennaro Chierchia (Harvard)
Dec 19-22 Lucas Champollion (NYU)
Dec 19-22 Kathryn Davidson (Harvard)
Jan 6-11 Sabine Iatridou (MIT)

Visitors 2018/2019

Aug 22-29 Sabine Iatridou (MIT)
June 26-27: various guests as part of the third InqBnB workshop
Oct 8-9 Sabine Iatridou (MIT)
Nov 21-23 Erlinde Meertens (Konstanz)
Dec 6-7 Amir Anvari (Paris)
Jan 13-27 Sabine Iatridou (MIT)

Visitors 2017/2018

Jan 8-22 Sabine Iatridou (MIT)
Feb 5-9 Andreas Haida (Jerusalem)
May 28-30 Sabine Iatridou (MIT)
June 11-14 Dora Mihoc (Harvard)
June 15 Malte Zimmermann (Potsdam)
June 16-23 Liz Coppock (Boston University)
June 21-25 Donka Farkas (UC Santa Cruz)
June 25-27 Danny Fox (MIT)

Visitors 2016/2017

Sept 1 - Dec 15: Sabine Iatridou (MIT)
Sept 1 - July 1: Liz Coppock (Gothenburg/Uppsala)
Jan 19-20: Andrzej Wiśniewski (Poznan)
Jan 25-27: Clemens Mayr (Berlin)
Mar 11-18: Yimei Xiang (Harvard) 
Apr 3-24: Vit Puncochar (Prague)
May 17-19: Salvador Mascarenhas (Paris)
June 26-30: various guests as part of the first InqBnB workshop
Dec 18-19: various guests as part of the second InqBnB workshop