LogiCIC and LiQuID Tutorial: Roberto Giuntini

In February 2012, Roberto Guintini (University of Cagliari) will give a 4-part LogiCIC and LiQuID tutorial on The Logics of Quantum Computation: An Introduction. Details on the dates, locations and topics covered are below.

Date: Monday 6, Wednesday 8, Monday 13, Wednesday 15, all in February 2012
Time: 16.00-18.00
Location: D1.112 (Mon 6), D1.115 (Wed 8), A1.14 (Mon 13), D1.114 (Wed 15)
Topics covered:

  • Basics of quantum computation
    • The need of quantum computation: an overview
    • First quantum computations: quantum bits (q-bits), composite quantum
      systems (q-registers) and entanglement; mixtures (q-mixes)
    • Single and multiple quantum (logical) gates: semiclassical and genuine
      quantum gates. Toffoli gate, square-root of negation gate and Hadamard
  • The logic of a universal set of quantum gates
    • Quantum computational structures
    • Reversible and irreversible classical propositional logic
    • The Toffoli and the Hadamard gates as a set of (approximate) universal
      set for quantum gates
    • The algebra of Toffoli and Hadamard gates
    • The Toffoli-Hadamard algebras: logico-algebraic properties
    • Contrasting Toffoli-Hadamard algebras with product algebras with