Seminar Session on February 16

Wednesday, February 16th at 16:00 hrs we will have another session of our seminar: Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh (Oxford) will present her work entitled Knowing ”where you are” using  update logics with the below abstract.

The meeting will take place in room A106 in Science Park 904.


Joint work with P.Panangaden, Doina Precup, Caitlin Philips, Alex Horn

It has happened to all of us and will happen again: ending up in a new city with a map and trying to locate ourselves.  Why is it so hard? Isn’t all the information we need already in the map? These kinds of scenarios are also of importance to AI,  to model robot navigation protocols, e.g. for  Rescuebots. I will present a solution based on an update logic.
In recent joint work, we used a dynamic epistemic-like machinery to model and reason about this kind of learning. Starting with an algebraic approach to DEL, developed in previous work (Baltag, Coecke, Sadrzadeh), we discovered that we need a new learning inequality that used converse actions. In a Kripke-style semantics,  this inequality corresponds to  a new way of setting the accessibility relations in the updated model,  after the ‘moving’  or ‘relocating’ action has happened.
I will also try and show how we can automate the above reasoning and  why we did not succeed in using  the DEL-with-postcondition setting of van Ditmarsch et al  and van Benthem, van Eijk et al.