LIRa Session with Virginie Fiutek

On Tuesday, May 8, at 3 p.m., Virginie Fiutek (ILLC) will give a talk on Game Semantics for Defeasible Knowledge at the LIRa seminar. The talk will take place in Science Park, Room A1.04. Further details TBA.

In this presentation I introduce the formal foundation of a new game semantics to define the concept of defeasible knowledge. My approach is inspired by Keith Lehrer’s use of “justification games”. These games are an essential ingredient of Lehrer’s account of knowledge as “undefeated justified acceptance”: an agent plays against an (ultra)critical opponent in order to give an irrefutable justification for accepting a certain proposition. My formal treatment of such type of games should provide a valuable addition to the literature on formal epistemology. I will make the notions of preference, justification, truth, belief and knowledge explicit within the framework of Dynamic Epistemic Logic and its recent extensions to deal with belief revision theory. This talk is based on on-going joint work with A. Baltag and S. Smets.