LIRa/LogiCIC Session with Vincent Hendricks

On Tuesday May 15, at 3 p.m., Vincent Hendricks (Copenhagen/Columbia) will give a talk on Infobombs in Echo-chambers at the LIRa seminar. This talk is jointly organized by the LIRa seminar and the LogiCIC project. The talk will take place in Science Park, Room A1.04.

Echo-chambers are results of extreme polarization among group members. While the phenomenon has proved robust, how to intervene in such chambers is still largely unexplored epistemic territory. Using three 3Ts, Time, Toning and Tact one may – under certain conditions – successfully “bomb” such chambers to either stall or actually dissolve the polarization effect. The original polarization may be the result of informational cascades for which a formal epistemic model is finally presented.

Joint work with Henrik Boensvang and Rasmus Rendsvig.