LIRa/LogiCIC Session with Branden Fitelson

NOTE: This talk is not in the usual LIRa time slot on Tuesday, but on Monday!

On Monday, May 21, at 4 p.m., we will have a LIRa/LogiCIC seminar with Branden Fitelson (Branden Fitelson (Department of Philosophy,Rutgers University, New Brunswick). The topic of the talk is Accuracy, Coherence, and Evidence.

The talk will take place in Science Park 904, Room D1.113.

I will begin by rehearsing the traditional story about the relationship between accuracy norms (i.e., the truth norm), coherence norms (i.e., the deductive consistency norm), and evidential norms (i.e., a weak Lockean evidentialist thesis) for full belief. Then, I will discuss Ramsey-style reasons for being skeptical about an analogous story about partial belief (viz., credence).  Next, I will describe an alternative story about the relationship between accuracy norms and coherence norms for credences (due to de Finetti, Joyce, and others).  Finally, I will explain how an analogous story about full belief leads to an interesting new coherence norm that is weaker than deductive consistency, but much more intimately connected with evidential norms. Time permitting, various implications and applications of this new approach will be discussed.

This is joint work with Kenny Easwaran.