LogiCIC/LIRa session: Allard Tamminga

On Thursday December 17th, we will have a joint LogiCIC/LIRa session with Allard Tamminga. Everyone is cordially invited!

Speaker: Allard Tamminga (Utrecht University & University of Groningen)

Date and Time: Thursday, December 17th 2015, 16:00-17:30

Venue: Science Park 107, Room F1.15

Title: Collective obligations: logical and game-theoretic considerations.

Abstract.  I present two things: (1) a deontic logic of collective action that models collective actions, abilities, obligations, and their interrelations and (2) a game-theoretic study of the relation between what I call member obligations and individual obligations. My deontic logic of collective action shows that collective obligations and individual obligations do not match: the fulfillment of a collective obligation is neither necessary nor sufficient for the fulfillment of individual obligations. To rectify the situation, I introduce the notion of a member obligation, which is what an individual group member ought to do to help ensure that the group fulfills its collective obligation. Member obligations follow from a group plan designed to fulfill the group’s collective obligation: by highlighting particular group actions, a group plan specifies the individual actions that are the components of these highlighted group actions. Using game-theoretic means, I give structural conditions on group plans under which member obligations and individual obligations coincide.