LIRa session: Réka Markovich

Speaker: Réka Markovich (University of Luxembourg)

Date and Time: Thursday, June 30th 2022, 16:30-18:00, Amsterdam time.

Venue: online. Recording available – click here!

Title: Multi-modal Logics for the Conceptual Analysis of Epistemic Rights

Abstract. The Deontic Logic for Epistemic Rights (DELIGHT) project proposes to combine existing and develop new logics for reasoning about epistemic rights as normative positions. In this talk, I introduce the background theory of normative positions and the notion of epistemic rights, and show how we have used different multi-modal logics for the analysis of freedom of thought and the right to know.



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  • Réka Markovich and Olivier Roy: “Formalizing the Right to Know – Epistemic Rights as Normative Positions”. In: Logics for New-Generation AI Proceedings, Beishui Liao, Jieting Luo, Leendert van der Torre (eds) College Publications 2021, pp. 154-158. (PDF LINK)
  • Réka Markovich and Olivier Roy: “Cause of Action and the Right to Know”. In: Legal Knowledge and Information Systems – JURIX 2021. Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications 346, IOS Press, 2021 December, pp. 217-224. (PDF LINK)