Principal Investigators (PIs)

PI and co-PIs:

  • MK3_8788.jpg

    Dr Sebastian De Haro

    Project Leader
    Institute for Language, Logic and Computation and Institute of Physics, UvA and QuSoft
    Philosophy of Science, Quantum for Society and Business
  • Christian_Schaffner.jpg

    Professor Christian Schaffner

    Informatics Institute, UvA and Qusoft
    Theoretical Computer Science, Quantum Cryptography
  • Sonja_Smets.jpg

    Professor Sonja Smets

    Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, UvA
    Logic and Epistemology, Quantum Logic
  • Joris_van_Hoboken.jpg

    Professor Joris van Hoboken

    Institute for Information Law, UvA
    Information Law and Policy, Fundamental Rights and the Digital Transformation.
  • Amber_Geurts.jpg

    Dr Amber Geurts

    Rathenau Institute
    Societal Impact of Innovation, Technology, and Knowledge Ecosystems
  • Ot_van_Daalen.jpg

    Dr Ot van Daalen

    Institute for Information Law, UvA
    Human Rights, Quantum Computing and Encryption
  • Bart_Wernaart.jpg

    Dr Bart Wernaart

    Fontys University of Applied Sciences
    Moral Design Strategy
  • Jeroen_van_Dongen.jpg

    Professor Jeroen van Dongen

    Institute of Physics, UvA
    History of Science