Legal Aspects: Regulations and Reponsibilities


  • Study the desirable regulations of QSC technology for the financial, IT-audit and governmental sectors.
  • Determine the responsibility of businesses and of the government to adopt and/or accelerate QSC technology. 
  • Does the EU-human rights framework imply any obligations for businesses and governments?  How can this human rights framework lead to concrete policies for QSC? 


Contribution to project
This WP will contribute an analysis of the regulations that apply to QSC technology and a proposal for desirable future regulations in the different sectors, in a governance working group report. The WP will provide a theoretical underpinning of the underlying obligations, and therefore create a credible regulatory framework on which further policy choices can be based (WP4). Since the regulations arise from interactions with partners from the relevant sectors, this contributes to the acceptability and sustainability of the proposals.